We Like To Move It – Hiring an Office Removal Service

Your business is your life, some experts will say. It’s what keeps your family alive and what keeps your employees happy. But what if the time comes when the need to move your business to another location arrives? There could be plenty of reasons for moving. It’ll be cheaper to maintain your office or factory in this new location. Or that the present location is much too small for your expanding start-up. Relocating becomes an inevitable requirement rather than an option. But who wants to be burdened with an office removal service? Don’t want to be worried about even planning the move? Read on.

boxes sitting in a house waiting to be extracted by a removalist company

Use a Removalist

Finding the right removal expert can be a be a difficult decision. To save up on the stress, time and cost for you, finding an expert with great reviews and testimonials can save a lot of time and hassle. I have personally used this quality office removal service with great results and recommend them for anyone moving in Perth. But if your not in Perth, what one do you hire? Do your research Here are some things to look for.

What to look for when choosing a removalist

  1. Get one that can do all the kinds of services you need and will provide the materials you are looking for when doing your move. This includes all the essential packing materials, vehicles, sturdy boxes or containers and also unpacking services. Some only do removing, not unpacking. So make sure you’re not left with you and your employees doing the unpacking at your new site.
  2. Make sure that the removalists you are considering are all accredited. You can check with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. Look up their websites and most importantly, read some testimonials. Ask around from neighbors or real estate brokers. They usually give the best recommendations.
  3. Do they offer storage services? Your office equipment, papers, office supplies and furniture may not yet be placed on-site. Look for companies that will offer to store whatever needs safe-keeping.
  4. You want to make sure that your removalist offers insurance for any future issues before, during and after the move. Issues may include extreme weather, mishandling or accidents.

Making the decision and be happy about it

Boxes with smiley facesAnd so you’ve decided on this highly recommended one. Now what? Remember, a removal company can help you in more ways than just the actual physical relocation. It is important to discuss all your possible options right from the get-go. Tell them about the new location of your business or office. If you’re moving to a rural or secluded area, discuss ways to not get lost. Your removalist will pay your business a visit to survey the amount of work to be done, the materials needed and then draft an estimated cost of the whole relocation.

Read the fine print in the terms and conditions that they are offering. A quick review sometimes just doesn’t cut it so have someone else read it. You are after all, trusting an office removal service with your business. Still having doubts? Go ahead and ask your mover’s representative before inking your name on that dotted line. You will feel much better.