Benefits of Limousine Hire for Your Company’s Essential Personnel

If you work for a company that requires a lot of travel, important meetings with clients, and speaking engagements, you might want to consider the long-term benefits of limousine hire for the essential members of your company. Similar to using public transportation, limousines are actually cost-effective and environmentally-friendly, but they also make your company and its employees look classy and professional.

Limousines Are Environmentally-Friendly

These days, companies are doing everything they can to hop on board to the green movement. While it may not be practical to encourage your employees to use public transportation such as buses, taxis, and trains, limousines are another great option for contributing to the green movement. While many cities do not offer public transportation, even small cities usually have a limousine company in the area.

Here is ten of the most expensive limousines in the world

Imagine turning up to your meeting in one of these bad boys!

Limousines have been around for a long time, but they never seem to go out of style. Sure, they are constantly being updated with newer and cleaner looks, but the need for limousines never goes out of style.

Even as other forms of public transportation grow, limousines flourish. This is because limousines look and feel classy and professional, and they are excellent for you and your employees as you travel to and from client meetings. The general layout of a limo makes it easy for you to have a meeting, discuss results, and take notes. Plus, you will show your client that you are serious about them if you show up in style!

Limo Rides Can Be Cost-Effective

If you take into account the number of people who will be using the limo service, you will notice that the price of renting a lavish limousine is actually cheaper than the price of each person driving individually, filling their gas tank, and paying for parking. Prices may be even cheaper during their slow season or during the afternoon as you travel to an offsite meeting with a client.

Show off Your Success

Show your success by renting a limo

Limos are meant to be seen! Even if your employees don’t drive top-notch vehicles, your client doesn’t need to know that. When you and your employees show up to a meeting in a limousine, you will be seen as a successful business. Plus, limousines are safe and clean forms of transportation, which your clients will really appreciate.

If your company is traveling out of state to meet with clients, a limousine will save you time and money on your travels. You won’t have to worry about pulling up directions, risking getting lost, or dealing with a rental car. When you omit the hassle of renting a car or taking a taxi, you will end up having more time to prepare for your meeting on the way to the meeting, and you will be more relaxed and focused.

When you trust a limousine hire service with your corporate transportation needs, you will feel great knowing that you are representing your company in a safe, professional, and environmentally-friendly way!

We Like To Move It – Hiring an Office Removal Service

Your business is your life, some experts will say. It’s what keeps your family alive and what keeps your employees happy. But what if the time comes when the need to move your business to another location arrives? There could be plenty of reasons for moving. It’ll be cheaper to maintain your office or factory in this new location. Or that the present location is much too small for your expanding start-up. Relocating becomes an inevitable requirement rather than an option. But who wants to be burdened with an office removal service? Don’t want to be worried about even planning the move? Read on.

boxes sitting in a house waiting to be extracted by a removalist company

Use a Removalist

Finding the right removal expert can be a be a difficult decision. To save up on the stress, time and cost for you, finding an expert with great reviews and testimonials can save a lot of time and hassle. I have personally used this quality office removal service with great results and recommend them for anyone moving in Perth. But if your not in Perth, what one do you hire? Do your research Here are some things to look for.

What to look for when choosing a removalist

  1. Get one that can do all the kinds of services you need and will provide the materials you are looking for when doing your move. This includes all the essential packing materials, vehicles, sturdy boxes or containers and also unpacking services. Some only do removing, not unpacking. So make sure you’re not left with you and your employees doing the unpacking at your new site.
  2. Make sure that the removalists you are considering are all accredited. You can check with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. Look up their websites and most importantly, read some testimonials. Ask around from neighbors or real estate brokers. They usually give the best recommendations.
  3. Do they offer storage services? Your office equipment, papers, office supplies and furniture may not yet be placed on-site. Look for companies that will offer to store whatever needs safe-keeping.
  4. You want to make sure that your removalist offers insurance for any future issues before, during and after the move. Issues may include extreme weather, mishandling or accidents.

Making the decision and be happy about it

Boxes with smiley facesAnd so you’ve decided on this highly recommended one. Now what? Remember, a removal company can help you in more ways than just the actual physical relocation. It is important to discuss all your possible options right from the get-go. Tell them about the new location of your business or office. If you’re moving to a rural or secluded area, discuss ways to not get lost. Your removalist will pay your business a visit to survey the amount of work to be done, the materials needed and then draft an estimated cost of the whole relocation.

Read the fine print in the terms and conditions that they are offering. A quick review sometimes just doesn’t cut it so have someone else read it. You are after all, trusting an office removal service with your business. Still having doubts? Go ahead and ask your mover’s representative before inking your name on that dotted line. You will feel much better.

Treat Yourself and Your Friends to Yarra Valley Winery Tours by Limousine

Four people standing outside Yarra Valley Winery on Summer Day

If you are from Melbourne Australia like myself, then I’m sure you have heard of the wineries and beautiful scenery out on the eastern side of Melbourne in the Yarra Valley.

Have you ever considered grabbing your friends or family and heading off on Yarra Valley Winery Tour? Better yet, have you ever considered a limousine winery tour? Recently, me and some work colleagues’ done exactly that, and it was amazing. I highly suggest you give it a go too if you’re a wine connoisseur or simply out for a relaxing time with close friends. You could book a day to remember, be it your birthday, anniversary, team building experience or simply because you want to spoil yourself. Yarra Valley wine tours by limo mean you and your friends or loved ones can experience a stylish day you will never forget.

You could book a day to remember, be it your birthday, anniversary, team building experience or simply because you want to spoil yourself. Yarra Valley wine tours by limo mean you and your friends or loved ones can experience a stylish day you will never forget.

Wine Tour Regions in Melbourne

Yarra Valley Winery Panoramic Image

Victoria has a variety of exciting wine tour regions. Why not escape in real style with a Yarra Valley limousine wine tour? A stretch limo can whisk you away for your own private tour where you can indulge in complimentary champagne as you travel to the prestigious wine region. Some limo companies offer wine tasting tours and packages that include a gourmet lunch along with a variety of tastings. Yarra Valley is the perfect location for some of the best wineries in Melbourne, and you can look forward to sampling the finest wines with an experienced and knowledgeable wine connoisseur as you immerse yourself in the incredible Yarra Valley scenery with a vineyard tour.

The Valley region is well known for the award-winning wineries that populate the area along the main route of Maroondah Highway. Once you arrive at the outlying suburb of Lilydale, you’ll notice how the road splits at the former home of Dame Nell Melba. You will then pass through the most stunning scenery of flowing hills covered with vines. All of this is a mere one-hour drive from Melbourne.

Yarra Valley is renowned for wineries dotted along the picturesque terraced hillsides – the perfect setting to relax, taste the finest wines and sample dozens of top-notch restaurants attached to the cellar doors. If you love fine dining, you’re sure to enjoy the exceptional regional foods the restaurants serve, particularly when combined with the delectable local wines.

One of the best ways to tour the wineries in Australia is in a limousine. When we went on our excursion we had Justin from Melbourne Limousine Group as our chauffeur. He has been in the limousine industry for over 10 years and really knew how to give us the best time. All the chauffeurs within that company really know the area well and will ensure you experience a relaxed, scenic, and delicious day out.

Take a Tour in a Limousine

Limos are built especially for comfort and style, not to mention fun. You are sure to enjoy the plush interior and unique lighting effects and for a truly luxury outing, you cannot compare a day out in the wine country to any other experience.

Just some of the benefits of taking a tour in a limo instead of a car or bus include:

  • Walking through the VineyardThe red carpet treatment
  • A complimentary glass of champagne as you head off to the Valley
  • A personal tour guide who will take care of your every whim
  • An unforgettable day of indulgence – no worries about drinking and driving
  • The chance to try the best restaurants in the region
  • The opportunity to visit the best wineries in Australia and learn the fine art of wine making

Limousine hire can be an exciting experience and one to remember. If you have had a great time out with friends in a stretch, then you too can relate to the peacefulness and serenity achieved.

Thanks for reading and be sure to check in again next week for another helpful post about anything automotive.

Why Car Detailing In Perth Is Essential For Your Vehicle’s Well Being

Ferrari being Polished

There are some big investments well worth making in your lifetime. One of these costly investments includes buying a vehicle. These things never come with a small price, so why not preserve the value of your investment? Making an initial investment isn’t all it takes. You need to maintain the quality of your hard earned work and money.  Car detailing in Perth helps you do just that.

Perth and Your Car

In the beautiful city of Perth, you get the pleasure of enjoying sunny summers, rainy days, and cool winters. As much as you take care of yourself from day to day, you must do the same with your vehicle.

The Sun

Treat your car’s coat just as you would your own skin. UV rays from the sun can damage the auto’s paint. It is important to prevent oxidation and fading of your vehicle’s coat.

The Sea Shore

Living near the sea may bring you peace and tranquillity, but it also serves as an additional reason why you must take care of your prized possession. Rust is more prone to form the closer your vehicle is to the shore. Salt and dew can serve as culprits to this problem.

The Rain

Rain fall brings with it humid days in the City of Perth. This also increase the chances of damage to your car and increases its chances of forming rust. Your vehicle’s metal takes the role of providing anode and cathode electrodes. These are two things needed to help rust form. The third thing is electrolytes, which are provided by water. Just water alone can be bad, but salt water does more damage.

The Difference Between Car Washing and Car Detailing Services

Car Wash

washing-carA car wash is the simple run through of soap and water to give your car that nice shine and squeaky-clean finish. A car wash is only intended for the exterior of your vehicle and the removal of dirt, insects, and other specimens from the vehicle’s surface. Keep in mind that looks can be deceiving. A vehicle needs more than just a rundown of water to preserve both the interior and the exterior.

Car Detailing Service

Car detailing services involve more than just the washing of your vehicle. It includes paint care, coating the exterior, polishing the exterior trim along with the headlights and taillights, cleaning of your wheels and chassis, misting the engine bay, and interior detailing such as shampooing the inside of the vehicle. These are just to name a few things included in the packages. An excellent provider of car detailing in Perth that I have personally used is Perth Car Detailing WA who provided an excellent finish at the best rate I could find.

Benefits of Detailing Services for Your Auto

Two females Doing a Detailed Clean of Exterior

Customizing packages

Every vehicle is different and needs to be detailed as such. Being able to specify what services should be done to your vehicle in order to have it in tip-top shape is a great convenience.

Knowledgeable Staff

Sometimes you just need to leave things to the experts. You may not always know what is needed to be done in order to preserve the auto’s value. Luckily, you don’t need to stress about that when taking your car to get detailed services.

Persevering Value

Cars aren’t purchased with loose change in your pockets. There is nothing worse than losing value in an investment you made. Detailing your vehicle is you investing in an investment you previously made. Things don’t take care of themselves.

Vehicle Appeal

Luxury car or not, no one should be driving around in an unattractive vehicle. Just as you wouldn’t want someone to come over and see a dirty house, you should feel the same about your car.  Car detailing in Perth will help showcase your vehicle’s original allure.

Riding a Bus to Work Compared to Using a Car


Before talking about anything, let me get one argument cleared. It is cheaper to use a bus than drive your car. Some of you may answer that it’s not, you might say that it will cost you around $2-$4 to travel to your work using a bus, while that amount of fuel will let you go the same distance and more. This logic might be correct at a glance, but there are a lot of other factors not being considered here. First, maintenance of your car. Studies show that through maintenance alone, you’re spending around $1-$2 dollars per kilometer, depending on the type of your vehicle. Studies have included situations like car breakdowns costs for repair and divided them with miles traveled. And while this is already a great addition to the cost of using your vehicle, we still have not discussed parking fees, toll, etc. So apparently, you can save money by using the bus on your way to work. But this article will not focus on the cost solely; we will talk about advantages and thinks that we should consider in deciding whether you should ride that bus or you should start investing in a car.

TrainRiding a bus to work.

What are the problems in riding a bus to work? Well, one easy thing that we could point out is the comfort. Sometimes, a bus will be packed, you might have no seat, and even if you have, it can’t be compared to the support that your couch may provide. It is also worth pointing out that bus has fixed schedule, so definitely, flexibility is not a thing here, you can not plan another thing to do while going to work, going to work would be just going to work only, no other agenda.

Driving your own car.

Well, the process of having a car in the first place is costly. Not everyone can afford it. The cheapest thing to do is to buy some used car but not in all situation it will be cheaper. Sometimes, a used car will be costlier regarding repair and maintenance. But, let’s ignore the situation and assume that you have your vehicle already. What would be the problem that might arise? Well, if it is not a new car, of course, expect a breakdown from time to time, you might be late because of a flat tire. Expect to spend money for maintenance. However, if it is a new car, you don’t have to worry that much. New cars, if you disregard the spending you did in buying them in the first place, they are actually efficient. New cars tend to have better mileage compared to the old one, arguable, but I am talking cars here in general.


Two things that you should consider in choosing whether to take the bus or use your car, and that would be your distance from your workplace and the amount of money you are willing to spend for comfort and flexibility. If you’re living near a bus route and your workplace is also accessible, consider riding the bus even if you have a brand new car. You will save a lot of money, and you do not have to worry about parking. However, if your commute is complicated, maybe you’ll need a few bus route etc, consider purchasing a car, in some situation, it will be cheaper and it would not make sense if you don’t do it.

Thank you for reading, if you want to read the technical computations for car costs per kilometer, please stay tuned since we’ll gonna talk about it in the future.