About Us

Lisa WatsonHello, my name is Lisa Watson and this is SBF Ships.

This website is not about ships, I think that one is obvious, but this website is all about everyday transportation. We will not talk about car that much but we will talk about the status of our everyday commute. Though cars are important to some people, yes, I also do think they are important, I just prefer to focus on its function, which is transport.

Transportation, based on technical definition, is a movement of people, animal and/or goods from one place to another so what that means is that this blog, will actually talk about ship and planes, not just car. However, since I’m aware that I am not an expert when it is about ships and planes, the articles about them will be minimal.

SBF Ships will be a website that will provide you insightful articles about cars and traffic in general. We’ll also feature any events related to roads but we will keep it at minimum since we are a news site.

We also features company that is related to the transportation industry. If you are a company, or a representative of that company, that want to be featured in SBF Ships, use the contact page so we can help you out.

Guest postings are not just welcome, but actually encouraged. We will review all submission though and ensure that the quality and topic will be relevant to the website.

Thank you for reading, and again, welcome to SBF Ships.