Riding a Bus to Work Compared to Using a Car


Before talking about anything, let me get one argument cleared. It is cheaper to use a bus than drive your car. Some of you may answer that it’s not, you might say that it will cost you around $2-$4 to travel to your work using a bus, while that amount of fuel will let you go the same distance and more. This logic might be correct at a glance, but there are a lot of other factors not being considered here. First, maintenance of your car. Studies show that through maintenance alone, you’re spending around $1-$2 dollars per kilometer, depending on the type of your vehicle. Studies have included situations like car breakdowns costs for repair and divided them with miles traveled. And while this is already a great addition to the cost of using your vehicle, we still have not discussed parking fees, toll, etc. So apparently, you can save money by using the bus on your way to work. But this article will not focus on the cost solely; we will talk about advantages and thinks that we should consider in deciding whether you should ride that bus or you should start investing in a car.

TrainRiding a bus to work.

What are the problems in riding a bus to work? Well, one easy thing that we could point out is the comfort. Sometimes, a bus will be packed, you might have no seat, and even if you have, it can’t be compared to the support that your couch may provide. It is also worth pointing out that bus has fixed schedule, so definitely, flexibility is not a thing here, you can not plan another thing to do while going to work, going to work would be just going to work only, no other agenda.

Driving your own car.

Well, the process of having a car in the first place is costly. Not everyone can afford it. The cheapest thing to do is to buy some used car but not in all situation it will be cheaper. Sometimes, a used car will be costlier regarding repair and maintenance. But, let’s ignore the situation and assume that you have your vehicle already. What would be the problem that might arise? Well, if it is not a new car, of course, expect a breakdown from time to time, you might be late because of a flat tire. Expect to spend money for maintenance. However, if it is a new car, you don’t have to worry that much. New cars, if you disregard the spending you did in buying them in the first place, they are actually efficient. New cars tend to have better mileage compared to the old one, arguable, but I am talking cars here in general.


Two things that you should consider in choosing whether to take the bus or use your car, and that would be your distance from your workplace and the amount of money you are willing to spend for comfort and flexibility. If you’re living near a bus route and your workplace is also accessible, consider riding the bus even if you have a brand new car. You will save a lot of money, and you do not have to worry about parking. However, if your commute is complicated, maybe you’ll need a few bus route etc, consider purchasing a car, in some situation, it will be cheaper and it would not make sense if you don’t do it.

Thank you for reading, if you want to read the technical computations for car costs per kilometer, please stay tuned since we’ll gonna talk about it in the future.